Welcome to Villa Fresh - Your Provisioning & Catering Specialist in Lefkas


With a home on the island of Lefkas, in the heart of the Ionian Sea and with access to great tasting local produce, knowledge of local supermarkets and whole sellers, our goal is to offer you a pre-provision service for your holiday.

Whether you are experiencing your holiday here in Lefkas in a villa, apartment or studio provisioning enables you to have as much time relaxing and enjoying this beautiful island and all it has to offer rather than spending valuable time shopping for groceries and provisions

About Us

Villa Fresh was a simple idea, working from out of a spare room and over the years it has grown to be a concept that works extremely well for anybody that is visiting the island of Lefkada. With a base in Ligia we can easily access all locations on Lefkada for delivery to holiday accommodation.

The team, Hazel, Alison and Simone have a vast experience of Lefkadian life having lived here for many years and with that an extensive knowledge of local produce and supplies.

We as a team pride ourselves on our commitment to “Buy local” and understand the impact your shop has for local people.

We work as a great team committed to meeting all your provisioning needs and answering any questions you may have.

Our Service

Many of the beautiful villas, apartments and studios here on the island can be quite remote and may only have a small local shop providing daily fresh bread, milk and water, perfect for daily items but without a car the access to larger shops would be difficult and again starts impacting on your well-deserved break.

The benefits of provisioning and ordering pre-prepared meals allows you to kick into holiday mode the moment you arrive, with no thought or time given to shopping for your main supply of groceries.,

Here on the island many of the larger supermarkets close on a Sunday so shopping will be available at the local ‘corner shop’ but you may not be able to source fresh ingredients. With Villa Fresh all your provisions are delivered on the day of your arrival ensuring a fresh quality produce including local bread and fruit.

For us it doesn’t matter how small or large your order is, but we advise you to take full advantage of our online shop prior to your holiday commencing, to arrive at your accommodation with it equipped from the moment you step through the doors.

Provisioned for your holiday, no lugging packs of water, beers, wines, sourcing fresh produce and the arduous task of shopping for the week ahead, it will all be ready for you in the kitchen, so you are able to sit back relax and allow yourself a minute to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

As a supporter of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the impact of landfill on these beautiful islands we have put together packs which are designed to provide the equipment you will need for your holiday without buying more than you need and ending your holiday with unused produce.

Our Products

The provisions delivered to your accommodation will be sourced from local suppliers, and growers here on the island of Lefkas. The island’s climate allows for some of the best tasting meat, fruit and vegetables. The idea to pre-provision is not to stop people using the wonderful Taverna’s and local shops you may find in the location of your stay, (the island provides some of the finest quality restaurants and Taverna’s), the idea is to ensure you have all the items you will need to enhance your holiday.

Our shopping list is fairly comprehensive and hopefully covers all your requirements our simple but hearty meals use all local produce and we provide a selection of vegetarian options, however if you find we have not mentioned a product that you would like to purchase please email us and we will endeavor to source it for you prior to your arrival.

If during your holiday you have a special celebration we will be happy to provide flowers or a cake but we must know in advance of your arrival and this can be requested by email. By shopping prior to your departure from home we hope to remove the hassle for you and you can start your holiday relaxed.

Your pre ordered shopping on line can be paid for well in advance of your holiday through our pay pal account or BACS and should you wish to visit our site again you can continue to add further items to your shopping list using your unique reference number.

Bespoke Shopping
We are excited to continue with our new concept of Bespoke Shopping lists. This allows provisions for special dietary requirements as well as our customers being able to choose items we are not able to keep in stock due to the extensive list of produce available here on Lefkada. For questions please contact us via email or using the “Contact us” page.

For the whole variaty of our goods visit our shop